Olive – Physical Therapist

Olive Madarang is a physical therapist who started her practice in 2008 in the state of Washington.  She moved to NC in 2019 and now provides in-home/ mobile/concierge physical therapy services for pain and mobility management serving the Buncombe (Arden, Fletcher) and Henderson (Hendersonville) counties, NC as a private practice.

As a student, she further developed interest not only in physical therapy but especially in pain management.   This was heightened following an experience with back which occurred out of the blue.  She could not sleep, was irritable, could not get to a comfortable position in sitting, standing, and was frustrated when she was explaining how bad the pain was and people just took it lightly.  This gave her an understanding of why a lot of people with back pain do not receive proper or enough treatment, or probably why people do not seek treatment it is too late.

As a physical therapist, she worked with patients mainly in their homes.   She saw that whatever the cause of the pain may be-Arthritis, surgery, failed surgery, pain from decades ago, or falls, there is always a way to change it so that life could be better.  Seeing patients in their homes also gave her more insight into the dynamics as to the impact of pain to the person, family, and community- it is overwhelming.

This led her to pursue training of different techniques to relieve or improve the pain and mobility that addresses the different cases where pain may be present.  She believes in empowering people to manage their pain or condition for better outcomes and lesser cost.

However, working with huge companies, largely driven by insurance, limited her reach to patients.  This resulted in recurring therapies, so many visits, and patients having unnecessary surgeries as well as insufficient support surrounding surgeries.  People are becoming dependent on medications, and are going in to surgery without the full benefit of physical therapy.  This inspired her to establish her own practice, Myokinetic PT LLC.

At Myokinetic PT LLC, our goal is to provide a transformative experience without the use of drugs, injections, so that people can regain their freedom to move, in the comfort of your home, gym, office, in the community.